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The Visual Advantage is currently in its 20th year of providing effective trial/mediation exhibits to some of the best attorneys on the East Coast. What separates us from the other companies that do what we do is our ability to meet personally with each client, go through the fact pattern and help create a strategy on how best to present the evidence in order to achieve the desired result. Having been involved with thousands of cases we’re able to confidently tell our clients that “We Know What WILL Work Because We Know What HAS Worked”. It really is that simple. Over the years I have become convinced that the vast majority of cases are ‘over’ by the time a jury is impaneled & opening statements are delivered.┬áIt is for that reason that we spent several years creating and perfecting a ‘tool’ for jury selection that actually works. We looked at everything available, figured out why they either weren’t used or simply didn’t work and created a service that works.

In voir dire everybody asks, do you have any bumper stickers on your car? What do they say? Imagine the advantage you’d have if every one of your potential jurors had two bumper stickers on their car and you knew beforehand what they all said. That is the advantage we provide. We can help you know what bumper stickers exist in their mind. I’d invite you to visit for more details. Along those same lines, we created what is known as Juror13, which is a service that puts me in the courtroom every minute of every day the trial is underway. My function is to watch the jury constantly and provide feedback to my client during the trial as well as a comprehensive report each night. I can tell my client who is ‘scoring’ and who isn’t, who the jurors like and who they don’t, who they believe and who they don’t. The information is invaluable. What we discovered in doing research about other companies that provide similar services is very simple. They’re too expensive. So we designed this service to be affordable to ‘mere mortal’ attorneys who spend their time trying 100K cases not 100 million. Visit for more information.

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